Aardvarks Women Guangzhou 10s

“Wujing warriors?”, you ask me, “Who are they?” It’s a team of Beijing and Wuhan female players! On April 29th five of our Aardvarks women participated in Guangzhou 10s tournament. They followed the tradition and reunited with Wuhan Baiji ladies as they didn’t have the numbers to form an all Aardvarks team. Despite the fact that some of the girls played together for the first time, Wujing Warriors scored 9 tries and won two games out of three, with an excellent performance among forwards and backs!

For this tournament our Aardvarks battled on the following positions: forwards #1 Lydia, #2 Alicia and #4/5 Vanessa and backs #10 Ellen and #15 Selin. Vanessa’s kicking skills proved to be an invaluable addition to the team when she made the first successful conversion kick of her career. Another first for our women was finally playing contested scrums and they instantly blew the other teams away!

Best forward and back of the day were awarded to Alicia and Selin for their exceptional achievements. We also would like to thank Wuhan Baiji Ladies and their coach Luca without whom we would not have been able to achieve such a great result. Especially the performances of their best forward #3 Ibby and best back #12 Olivia were outstanding.

It was the second tour for our ladies and they gave everything on the field to leave their mark in Guangzhou. As a result, they won the second place in the tournament! We are sure that they will fight fiercely in June at their next tournament Chengdu 7s.