Beijing Aardvarks 2015 – 1st Match (11th of April)

Beijing Aardvarks 2015On the date of 11th of April the Beijing Aardvarks R.F.C. had its first season match.

As Nongda (北京农业大学) will not be part of the league this year, The Brothers and the Beijing Devils agreed to play as a “Beijing Barbarians” team and give us the opportunity to play our first match of the season.

After a large turnover of players since 2015, the Beijing Aardvarks R.F.C. players (both forwards and backs) came together well for the first game. From the outset, the forward pack was dominant against the Barbarians up front and supplied good front foot ball for the backs, who with many new combinations joined together well to score regularly. Good preparation, a good start and discipline proved the winner with a substantial victory to the Aardvarks boding well for the rest of the season.


Check below the images from April 11, 2015.

1 Aardvarks After Game Let the Captain Speak